Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bhavana to marry producer next month : Andhra Talkies


Bhavana to marry producer next month

Malayalam filmmaker Priyadarshan criticized a media section for wrongly reporting that Bhavana was raped. She was not raped. I talked to her after the unfortunate incident and she told me it was not a violation. How can the media be so insensitive? She was kidnapped by her former driver and her friends. After entering the car by force, The Gang Members scratched it and captured images with the intention of humiliating and blackmailing it, "he says.

Priyadarshan is surprised to learn that something like this could happen to a popular actress in a place like Kochi. "The victim's own driver commits such a horrendous crime ... It's amazing beyond words." If the people to whom the women confide betray them, how can women be safe in our country? ", I ask.

The Director of As asks what the accused is going to achieve and how they thought they could escape even if the victim knew them. He says the actress is someone who is bubbly, friendly, brave, innocent and brings positivity to sets.

Priyadarshan reveals that Bhavana was engaged to a film producer and was supposed to be married next month. He says that this horrible incident has not made the future husband change his decision, but he stayed by his side and the wedding happens according to schedule.

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