Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bhavana Rape Accused tried to Kidnap Keerthi Suresh Mother


Bhavana Rape Accused tried to Kidnap Keerthi Suresh Mother

Actress Bhavana molestation case shocked everyone inside the industry. The actress also openly came forward and lodged a complaint against the culprits. As some big guns are involved in this case, this news has been quite a sensation.

Various celebrities have condemned this act and they demand stern punishment for the miscreants. Few actresses even shared similar such incidents they experienced in the past. The Prime accused Sunil worked as Bhavana’s driver.

In this case, Keerthi Suresh’s father Suresh who is also a famous producer has now made a shocking confession that this same Sunil tried to Kidnap his wife Actress Menaka (Keerthi Suresh’s mother) a few years back and when he lodged a complaint, no action was taken against him. He vented his rage and said this incident could have been averted if action was taken when he lodged the complaint.

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