Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Young Hero's Heart on the Right Side

Nikhil is very impression in terms of story selection. He figured out that only new kind of scripts work for him and struck to the less travelled path.

'Kesava' which happens to be Nikhil's upcoming flick is a revenge drama. How this movie is different from countless films audience have already seen in this genre?

In 'Kesava', Nikhil will be seen as a student hailing from Rajahmundry. He suffers from a rare kind of heart disease. Unlike other humans, Heart will be on the right side for the Protagonist. He could height be angry more feel the stress. Any kind of mental tension will have adverse affect him.

Such a Hero with serious health ailment is on a mission to take revenge on few individuals. That's why the tagline, 'Revenge is dish best served Cold' makes sense.

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