Monday, 30 January 2017

why Nayanathara avoiding promotions?


why Nayanathara avoiding promotions?

Natural beauty Nayanatara is known for her ultra-glamorous roles and also powerful performances. She is extremely professional except for the fact she skips promotions showing stars to the filmmakers. Many times this became controversial between her and the producers.

Now sharing the secret why she is avoiding film promotions, she said one cannot turn a bad film into a hit even if it is promoted for 100days and if the film’s story is strong, then people will throng theatres.

She said it was a misconception that promotions will turn the film’s fate and added she never saw any bad film become a blockbuster with promotions. Nayanatara decided to shut the mouths of all her critics who are attacking her for not coming to promotions.

Nayanatara made clear that when the filmmakers approach her she will tell them in no uncertain terms that she will not come to promotions. She said she never troubled her producers and when they did not pay her remuneration in full, she let them go and also added for some films she reduced her remunerations. She said it is between her and producers whether she should come for promotions or not and others need not interfere.

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