Monday, 16 January 2017

Transgender model to play Superstar Heroine | Andhra Talkies

The Indigenous Society is still not accepting the transgender community. But, most intellectuals and celebrities have always spoken in favor of them.

Setting a new trend, superstar Malayali Mammootty offered the role of female leader in her next film to a transgendered model. Anjali, who comes from Coimbatore, will play the heroine in 'Pernabu'.

Anjali never felt comfortable in her body. Therefore, the 21-year-old underwent sex reassignment surgery to become a woman when she went to Bangalore for graduation. He later became a model and even made few photo shoots for major magazines.

An offer to share screen space with anyone other than Mammootty could make Anjali a star overnight. Now, the whole country is talking about this transgender model.

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