Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sunil gets a new car and fantasy number | Sunil gets a New car and Fancy number


Sunil gets a New car and Fancy number

Luxury cars and luxury numbers are always popular on film circuits and the hero Sunil has owned another luxury car of this type now. Another day got the registration work done for the same car.

Sunil has purchased a new high-end vehicle from Skoda for which Telangana arrived at Hyderabad RTA office. To possess the number "TS 11 EJ 2345", the hero Sunil has spent almost 10 thousand dollars only. The car has cost Sunil nearly 33 lakhs on the road, says a report.

In the meantime, Sunil scored again for the flops last year and expected a break with "Two Countries" (remake of the film Malayalam).

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