Friday, 20 January 2017

Rashi Khanna approach moved married after 22!

Rashi - Khanna - approach - moved - married - after - 22!
Delhi beauty Rashi Khanna is one of Tollywood's upcoming heroines, who are hoping to reach the big league. She is also trying hard to reach that goal. It is known that Rashi Khanna was chubby when he entered Tollywood, but he has thrown a few kilos more recently and looks thin now. Apart from his cute looks, Rashi is known for his plain talk unlike other heroines.

He has tried it recently. When asked about her marriage, she opened her mind and shared her childhood dreams and current mentality. She said that "I had many dreams of my marriage since I was a child, I thought of getting married at the age of 22. But everything has changed, I would have married two years ago, if I had. Fun for me .. I'm focusing on my career now .. not marriage. "

Apart from these things, Rashi Khanna is currently making two Tamil films 'Shaitan ka Bachcha' and 'Imaikka Nodigal'. She is the heroine of the upcoming Gopichand film "Oxygen" as well.

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