Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Nuclear : RGV reveals story | Andhra Talkies

Do the audience still believe that Ram Gopal Varma can do wonders at the box office ? The answer might be severely disappointing but producers still believe him. That's why CMA Global company is investing a huge 340 crore for producing a film titled 'Nuclear' directed by Varma.  If they do not believe that Varma and couldn't recover their money, then they would not invest such a huge amount..right ? When producers have that kind of confidence the story must be interesting. Then, what's the story of Nuclear ?
Varma has recently revealed the story of Nuclear.  "This film runs in the backdrop of nuclear terrorism.  Terrorism is a most discussed topic around the world these days.  Terror strikes are reported from all corners of the world and we are reading the news daily. Nuclear story runs in this backdrop. Mumbai will struggle due to an Atom Bomb. If the bomb explodes then Third World War is inevitable.  In such a situation America convinces India and Pakistan and deploys its forces to diffuse the bomb.  What happens after that.. forms the story". 

He revealed that Nuclear shoot will commence in May 2017.  The movie will be shot in America, China, Russia, Indonesia apart from India.  Nuclear will be made in English language and several foreign actors will be part of the film cast according to him. We have to wait and see how Varma will come up with this kind of a international level film.

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