Monday, 9 January 2017

Naga Babu Vs RGV: Megastar's Response!

Ram Gopal Varma launched a Tweet war against Mega Family after Naga Babu described him as 'Akkupakshi' for allegedly making objectionable tweets on Megastar's 150th Movie. 

In a recent interview, Chiru responded on the issue in a diplomatic manner without giving scope for any controversies. 'RGV's Comments on Me or My Films doesn't bother me. May be, Naga Babu got hurt and hence he responded in such a manner. I don't want to react on the comments made by Naga Babu. No issues with RGV…He is a good friend of mine,' he said.

Responding the absence of Chota Bhai for 'Khaidi No.150' pre-release event, Chiranjeevi said: 'Ram Charan has personally invited Pawan Kalyan. But, Kalyan conveyed to us that he couldn't attend the event as he was busy with some other work'. 

Even Ram Charan felt happy for the Tweet of Pawan Kalyan on 'Khaidi No.150'. He claimed the words of Babai means a lot to him.

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