Monday, 30 January 2017

I lose my Mental Balance @ khaidi audio: Naga Babu


I lose my Mental Balance @ khaidi audio: Naga Babu

The outburst of Nagababu at the pre-release event of ‘Khaidi No.150’ has become a sensation. Writer Yendamuri Veerendranath and Ram Gopal Varma has reacted to them in their own way. For the first time, Naga Babu responded on this matter after the event.

Comments on Yendamuri: ‘Yendamuri used words like ‘Vadu/Veedu’ while speaking about Charan. There is nothing wrong about it had if he has said it out of affection but he used them to undermine him. I have no enmity towards Yendamuri. Even Today, I address him as Guruvu Garu and respect him a lot. We both share a very good personal rapport. Yendamuri knew about Me very well and hence he hasn’t taken my comments very seriously’.

Comments on RGV: ‘I lose my mental balance if someone targets Annayya or My Family Members. At the same time, I don’t care a damn even if I was criticized. My comments seems to have hurt RGV very much and hence he reacted that way. Varma said I’m not even 0.01% of Chiru. I myself feel I’m just zero before Annayya and happy to be dependent on him. I agree with Ramu’s comment that I was responsible for PRP failure because I am one of those who have given advises to Annayya. At one point, RGV behaved like a kid. He even advised Varun Tej not to seek advise from Me. Actually, I don’t offer any advise to Varun but gives my opinion whenever he discusses any matter with me. RGV is a very funny person € we enjoy his company a lot. I reacted that way because he kept throwing stones at Mega Family since the past five years. He praise Satakarni and I appreciate it. But, How acceptable is targeting Khaidi No.150 citing it’s a remake and comparing its posters with Avatar? He used Twitter as a weapon and hence I used the mike in a big event to settle scores. I did that to make him realize but not to hurt him. Even Today, I would speak with RGV in a very friendly manner when we come face-to-face. But, I don’t regret because someone has to react at some point’.

When quizzed about the reaction of Megastar on his remarks, Naga Babu conveyed Chiru hasn’t supported the kind of language he used but agrees with his feelings. ‘I don’t discuss these kind of issues with Annayya as he would advise me to ignore them instead of reacting,’ he added.

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