Tuesday, 3 January 2017

He has minted 2000 crores with 5 films !

Whenever Aamir Khan film releases..records will crumble. Many heroes create records but Aamir is completely different.. because he do not break others records but he breaks his own records. Not that he can not break others records but all the records are written on his name. Creating records and breaking them has become a habit for him.  He has been doing this for the last ten years.  Aamir Khan delivered first 200 crore film in India with 'Ghajni' in 2008. He broke that record with '3 Idiots' with nearly 400 crore collections, the next year. No other movie could touch the record for four years. 
Aamir Khan once again broken his record with 'Dhoom-3' in 2013.  'Dhoom-3' collected 530 crores at the box office.  Aamir continued his trend with 'P.K' in 2014. 'P.K' went on to collect 730 crores worldwide.  His latest film 'Dangal' already nearing 500 crore mark.  Trade Analysts predicting that it will surely cross 'P.K' collections in the full run.  

On the other hand Aamir achieved a rare feat of minting 2000 crores with his five films..  No other star hero is near to Aamir in this aspect. Salman Khan.. Shah Rukh Khan are nowhere near Aamir.  They are competing for the second position. But Aamir Khan is competing with himself and racing ahead by creating new records.

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