Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Following Super Star Rajini words : Mega star Chiru | Andhra Talkies

Chiranjeevi has portrayed different characters in the initial days of his career. Even after Chiru became a star hero, he acted in films like Rudra Veena.. Apadbandhavudu and impressed the audience.  But he has stopped experiments after reaching certain stage.. he has confined himself to mass masala films. Coming to the present, Chiru has chosen his re-entry film after considering all the commercial calculations. Chiru is saying that the reason he stopped doing experimental films only because of his fans. He is saying that it is his duty to fulfill the wishes of his fans by giving them entertainment.

Chiru revealed that two perons brought this change in him.  An elderly woman and Rajinikanth. After watchig Daddy film, an elderly woman has spoken with me. She told me that..we watch your movies to forget our worries.. then how could you make sad films ? She told me that she watches my movies for entertainment.  Similarly Rajini told me sometime back that 'rather than doing films we want we shoud choose the films that audince expect from us'.  From then onward I have decided to act in entertainment based films. Rudra Veena.. Swayam Krushi.. Apadbhandhavudu movies gave me satisfaction as an actor.  But pure commerical films satisfy my fans.  So I give importance to such films.. Not that I don't chose fresh subjcts.. even if I chose new subjects I make sure that those films have enough commercial elements.

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