Monday, 30 January 2017

5 Special Qualities of Pawan Kalyan


5 Special Qualities of Pawan Kalyan

Naga Babu revealed what Pawan Kalyan is like as a person and why he would back him as a politician in a recent interview.

When asked if he wishes to see Pawan Kalyan as CM, Naga Babu replied: ‘As someone who knew him since childhood, I could say Kalyan Babu is great person who doesn’t compromise at all and have the courage to fight for what he believed. Qualities of Kalyan: 1) Good Human Being, 2) Society Comes First, even Family is secondary, 3) Helping Nature: He doesn’t publicize it. Even when he helped me, He never spoke about it and no one knew it until I disclosed it, 4) Highly Knowledgable, 5) Broadmindedness.

He always wanted to do something to the society and that’s how Jana Sena was established. Pawan Kalyan didn’t float Jana Sena Party to be CM but to sincerely serve the people. Whether he becomes CM or stays in the Opposition, He would continue to be with the common man. Now, I speak as a common man. Whom should people vote in the next election? I think there is only one person who is a good human being, honest, helping nature, selfless and political’s Pawan Kalyan. My first choice is Pawan Kalyan as a voter in 2019 Polls whether or not Jana Sena have a pre-poll alliance with TDP/BJP. He is the best guy in politics. I like Kalyan’s character and ideology, whatever he does is for the welfare of the people. I will shift my vote to AP only to support Jana Sena. I’m willing to work for Jana Sena without any selfish deeds’.

Mega Brother opined both TDP and BJP had compromised on Special Category Status. He accused the ruling parties of indulging in vote bank politics and going back on promise after coming to power.

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