Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tollywood Producer Bandla Ganesh Interview! | Andhra Talkies

Tollywood Producer Bandla Ganesh Tollywood- Producer- Bandla- Ganesh- Interview! | Andhra- Talkies! | Andhra Talkies

Producer Bandla Ganesh Interview!

Producer Bandla Ganesh has an explosive interview a popular Youtube channel data recently. Take a look at the promo a few Q & A ...

Why do you admire Pawan Kalyan much: "We have so many men around, why are we so affectionate towards our fathers?".

Do you have some personal problems of PK: "Nobody solved Pawan's Problems..not solves even God. Kalyan is capable of anything his own handling. He is a rare piece € God made a rare piece. I have not met anyone for two years.

Using Gangster Nayeem for settlements: 'You do not know the other corner of Bandla Ganesh. You want me to take a selfie with Trump? I can do that in just one week. That's my stamina. "
Differences with the NTR 'I have suffered losses due to Baadshah'.

Alcohol & Drugs: "There is a driver who drink alcohol and use drugs all night. I felt bad work with such a person. "

The prices Hero in Filmy Events "There is nothing wrong about it! Just alike gods we worship, what is wrong if we praise heroes that are equivalent to the gods. "

Adult Film: 'I have faced at this stage come up with many hardships. Had all kinds of work in the industry. I even acted in the adult film "Please auntie".

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